Presumptive Disability for 

Prisoners of War (POW)

20 + Conditions on the presumptive list

Presumptive Disability:
Prisoners of War

Like many of the other categories, POW presumptive disability is contingent up on a few qualifications.   The good news is that the 90-day active duty requirement does not apply to this category.  The only thing that determines qualification is the length of time spent as a prisoner of war.

No 90 day active duty requirement

Many conditions have no time requirement as a POW

Some conditions require 30 days as a POW

Disability can be obtained any time after discharge

Regardless of how long you were on active duty, you are eligible for presumptive disability.  The following conditions qualify once they manifest to at least 10% VA rating.


Prisoners of War Presumptive Condition List

Conditions for any POW Period

Psychotic Disorders, DC 9210

Anxiety Disorders, DC 9400 series

Depressive Disorders, DC 9433

Residuals of frostbite, DC 7122

Degenerative Arthritis caused by trauma, DC 5003

Aetherosclerotic Heart Disease, DC 7005

Hypertensive Heart Disease, DC 7005

Stroke, DC 8007, 8008, or 8009

Osteoperosis, DC 5013 (with PTSD comorbidity)

Conditions that require 30 days as a POW

Avitamintosis, DC 6313

Beriberi, DC 6314

Dysentery, DC 7322

Helminthiasis, DC 6320

Pellagra, DC 6315

Any nutritional deficiency

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) DC 7319

Peptic Ulcer Disease DC 7304 or 7305

Peripheral Neuropathy (if service related) DC 8520

Cirrhosis of the liver (unless self-inflicted) DC 7312

Osteoperosis (No PTSD Comorbidity) DC 5013