Presumptive Disability for

Tropical Diseases

Medically known conditions in tropical locations.

Presumptive Disability: Tropical Diseases

If you served in a tropical location and as a result contracted a qualifying tropical disease, it will likely be assumed to be service connected.  The condition will need to be diagnosed within 1 year of service in the tropical location and manifest to 10% rating level.  Here are some of the criteria.

Diagnosis within 1 year of serving in tropical location

Long incubation period conditions are granted exception

Manifestation must reach 10% rating

Condition must be tied to the location in which you served

Please note that the following conditionsare already pre-determined to be service connected if you served in the location they are prevalent.


Tropical Diseases Presumptive List

Amebiasis, DC 7321

Blackwater Fever, DC 6329

Cholera, DC 6300

Dracontiasis, DC 7322

Dysentery, DC 6305

Filariasis, DC 6305

Leishmaniasis, including kala-azar, DC 6301

Loiasis, DC 6320

Malaria, DC 6304

Onchocerciasis, DC 6320

Oroya fever (carrion’s disease), DC 6306

Pinta, DC 6310

Plague, DC 6307

Schistosomiasis, DC 6320

Yaws, DC 6310

Yellow fever, DC 6329

Any resultant disorders or diseases originating because of therapy administered in connection with such diseases or as a preventative thereof