Presumptive Disability for

Chronic Debilitating Diseases

50+ conditions on the presumptive list

Presumptive Disability:  Chronic Debilitiating Diseases

If you are diagnosed with a chronic debilitating condition within one year of active duty release you may qualify for disablity compensation.  There are over 50 conditions that have been established within the medical community to have a direct service-related connection.   If the following criteria are met...

Diagnosis within one year of active duty

No clear cause outside of the military for diagnosis

Condition manifests to 10% or more within the first year 

Establishing a service connection with a known chronic debilitating condition makes approval for disability much easier!   The following conditions are considered service-related if diagnosed within 1 year of discharge.


Chronic Debilitating Presumptive Condition List


Anemia Primary, DC 7716-7723

Avitamintosis, DC 6313

Thrombocytopenia, DC 7705

Leukemia, DC 7703

Hodgkins Disease, DC 7709

Cardiovascular System

Arteriosclerosis, DC 7716-7723

Hypertension, DC 7101

Endocarditis, DC 7001

Valvular Heart Disease, DC 7000

Raynaud's Syndrome, DC 7717

Buerger's Disease, DC 7115

Digestive System

Gallstones, DC 7314

Cirrhosis of the liver, DC 7312

Gastric Ulcer, DC 7304

Duodenal Ulcer, DC 7305

Endocrine System

Pituitary or Adrenal Gland Disease

Diabetes, DC 7913

Thyroid or Parathyroid Disease

Genitourinary System

Calculus of the Bladder, DC 7515

Nephrosclerosis, DC 7507

Kidney Stones, DC 7508

Nephritis, DC 7502

Infectious or Immune Disease

Tuberculosis (10% in 3 years)

Hansens (Leprosy), DC 6302

Lupus, DC 6350

Mental Disorders

Psychotic Disorders, DC 9210

Musculoskeletal System

Systemic Arthritis, DC 5002

Osteomalacia, DC 5014

Degenerative Arthritis, DC 5003

Osteitis Deformans, DC 5016

Nervous System

Prog. Muscular Atrophy, DC 8023

Encephalitis, DC 8008

Myelitis, DC 8010

Brain Thrombosis, DC 8008

ALS DC 8017

Organic Nervous System Diseases

Brain Hemmorrhage, DC 8009

Epilipsy (Any)

Multiple Sclerosis DC 8018

Syringomyelia, DC 8024

Bulbar Palsy, DC 8005

Myasthenia Gravis, DC 8025

Parkinson's Disease DC 8004

Malignant Brain Cancer, DC 8002

Malignant Nerve Cancer, DC 8540

Malignant Spinal Cord Cancer, DC 8021

Respiratory System

Coccidioidomycosis, DC 6835

Bronchiectasis. DC 6601

Sarcoidosis, DC 7821


Hansens (Leprosy), DC 6302