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If you have been fighting the VA system for years and have been repeatedly told that your disability is “not service connected”, then you have come to the right place. There is no secret formula and there is no magical solution to filing a legal and ethical claim successfully. There is however, knowledge of how the VA disability claims process works.

All of us at VA navigators have been through this process and through technology like zoom, phone calls, and facetime, we will provide the education and coaching that you need to be successful when you file your next claim.

We are not accredited agents, and we are not VSO’s. We are service-connected disabled veterans. We do have the utmost respect for both accredited agents and VSO’s, but we understand that the need is great. The vast majority of accredited agents and VSO’s are overwhelmed and undertrained. We cannot and will not file your disability claim or prosecute a claim on your behalf. But what we will do, is provide you the information that you need and the resources that you need to develop and file your own winning claim.

Let's get connected today and make sure that you are getting the disability compensation you are legally entitled to.

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